Interior restoration of Sant Salvador Pavilion of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and museum proposal

Project description

The Pavilion of San Salvador is one of the pavilions known the nursing of the old hospital site. It belongs to the most widely used type in all areas, a total of six pavilions that follow the same logic and built almost simultaneously.

It consists of a body of entry where we find the wonderful dayly room, a room for the patients who occupies the main space, and a posterior body with service areas. The basement floor leads to the gallery tunnel that connects all the buildings in the site. We face the competition as an opportunity not only to define a museum proposal, but also an opportunity to return the building to the memory and today citizens, multiplying the narrative effects (scientific, historical, epic, teaching …) of museographical content. We understand that the building is the central and most important part of the Museum. Museum visits must begin by recognizing and interpreting the place. A place that is not only stone, but above all it is a witness of  an intense process of transformation of the society of his time. Our proposal therefore is based on the potential of the building itself, understanding that this is the jewel of the collection, as well as one of the heritage sites most consistent and least known of the city of Barcelona.
It is proposed to maintain the original image of all spaces, giving up to increase the usable area to preserve the spatial feeling that projected Domènech i Montaner. An undulating museum threadlike structure and a transparent screen that grows and colonizes the space is proposed, while it can accommodate all types of content (physical and virtual). The system is completely reversible and does not endorse or modify in any way the structural and spatial system of the nave. In the basement level, a solution of cabinets-table with a massive character arises, reinforcing the proximity to the contact with the ground. Adaptability, reversibility and flexibility remain essential goals, the ability to go enriching the exhibition pavilion with the results of new investigations are ongoing result of present and future projects of historical enclosure is considered essential.

In collaboration with
AV62 Arquitectos
Private Foundation at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
Competition, Heritage restoration, exhibition design
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