Castle of Boixadors

Descripció del projecte

Boixadors Castle is located on the top of a hill, and the site is composed of different elements surrounded by a perimeter in which various remains of walls are guessed. The chronology goes from X to XIX centuries.

The Heritage Servei de Patrimoni de la Diputació de Barcelona had worked on it several times since 1971, carrying out numerous studies, archaeological research and some interventions of consolidation and adaptation for provisional public visits.

The proposal of enhancement and the whole castle musealization want to make all its elements as comprehensive as possible for the general public.
The completion of restoration and consolidation of the fortified perimeter of the monument are undertaken, following the criteria adopted in previous years. The profile of the monument is going to be valued and, in turn, give protection to its interior.The elements added to allow internal circulation, such as walkways, stairs, ramps, etc., will follow the museological criteria. The proposal guarantees the reversibility of the proceedings and the landscape integrating the whole.

Diputació de Barcelona
Preliminary Project
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