Apartment in Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona – Recovery of the original finishes

The apartment is located in the Victor Blajot House, designed by Rafael Guastavino Moreno between 1868 and 1871. It can be considered an example of great relevance of the arts & crafts period (announcing the arrival of the Modernism).

The quality of the artisans’ work has left a legacy of incalculable value in the preserved examples of the residential architecture of the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century. Painters, sculptors, plasterers, carpenters, glassmakers and upholsterers with impeccable craftsmanship, were interconnected to the artistic currents in vogue at the international level, thanks to the role that played the architects.
Our comission was to collaborate with AV62 Architects, who carried out the refurbishment project, to recover the original finishes of the apartment, discovered after some preliminary surveys.
The process began with the drafting of a study to evaluate the original finishes (at a documentary and an experimental level, through cleaning tests and archives research). The results of the study made visible the great ornamental value of the surfaces and enhanced to consider its recovery.

All the discovered polychromes were hidden under numerous layers of repainting of the plaster ceilings. The discovery, consolidation, reintegration and fixation of the tempera paints has been done integrated to the project by specialized professionals.
The woodwork intervention, both the wood and the fittings, has recovered the volumes lost under layers of accumulated repainting.
The pavements, in fairly good condition, have received finishing treatment and protection, and small gaps have been restaured in the rooms paved with Nolla mosaic.

The resulting space settles a dialogue between the finishes of the late 19th century and the contemporary project.



Refurbishment Project

AV62 Arquitectos




Heritage consultancy


TdART (restauration), Pau Majó (photogrametry)


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