Museological and museographical project of the Hidroelectric Plant of Capdella

Project Description

The heritage site is part of the electricity generating system built in the early XX S, which starts in the lake area located at the head of the valley, and continues with the transport system of energy to the metropolitan area of Barcelona – where was the great industrial and urban concentration of the time.

The draft musealization of the enclosure of the hydroelectric plant is part of a global project to restore the industrial heritage of the Vall Fosca, and complete other actions already initiated previously. It is one of the sites of the Territorial System mNACTEC.
The proposal is based on three basic concepts: ensure the safety of visitors – an industrial plant is in service – recover and add value to the various original features that remain scattered in the field, and get some museographical supports unified under a common language performances. The climatic conditions of the area (high mountains) have been determining when materially define the items exposed to weather.

La Central de Capdella City Council(La Vall Fosca – Lleida)
In collaboration with
Antoni Vilanova (Vilanova + Moya arquitectes), Núria Anguera i Jordi Flos (AF arquitectes).


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