Staircase for the Tower of Òdena’s castle

Project Description

The Albarrana tower of Odena’s Castle is dated to the early eleventh century, and is one of its best preserved remains.

The Servei de Patrimoni de la Diputació de Barcelona has restored twice this building: once in 1986 to make a general intervention and again in1999-2003 to consolidate its plaster stone basis.

The project makes a new staircase to allow access from the base of the tower to its postern. It is placed against the walls, behind the tower, in order not to make a visual impact.This new staircase uses contemporary language and materials, clearly distinct from the original. It arises as a self-supporting element, which relies on a solid base which contains the first section of stairs. It also anchors minimally at the tower walls.

Both steps and landings are made of metallic mesh, trying to dissociate them from the tower. However the solid base uses stone of St. Vincenç, giving continuity to the inner finishes and achieving a stony texture, but not leading to confusion with the tower‘s original stone.

Diputació de Barcelona


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