Boutique-Gallery Isabel de Pedro

Project description

The new space of the designer Isabel de Pedro is located in a place with a long tradition related to art and fashion at the Rambla de Catalunya. First, headquarters of the Sombrerería Prats – moved from its first location in the street Ferran – and then host the contemporary art gallery that kept the name.

These two episodes of the commercial life of the space strongly determine its formalization and current character. Joan Prats moved part of the facade and interior equipment from Ferran Street and adapts it to the new location.

As for their suitability as an art gallery, the bill was commissioned to Josep Lluís Sert and Jaume Freixa (which were finalizing the draft for the Miró Foundation in Barcelona), and write and execute the work the architects Santiago Delas, Carlos Fernando and Manuel Muga.
The building, Dolors Calm House, built by the architect Josep Déu i Busquets in 1879, and refurbished in 1903 by the architect Josep Vilaseca and Casanova (the author of the Arc de Triomphe), when the actual facade was completed.
The resulting space can enroll in the third stage of the work of Sert, where concern for the recognizable shape of the interior space was one of its key features. The fluid and continuous showrooms space, the disappearance of the vertical structure – embedded in the walls – and the use of skylight to energize certain areas over others, set its essential features.
The most important intervention is undoubtedly the choice of the space itself – in tune with the image of the brand Isabel de Pedro and its artistic references.
The new proposal raises adequacy of minimum intervention, aimed at maintaining continuous reading of space. The new application combines the previous two, first fashion collection and then the art gallery. All equipment is resolved by following an exhibition concept, the minimum possible elements to meet the functional requirements, and the logic of reversibility of any proposed intervention. Fashion collections and art collections will change, keeping the dynamic and mutable space character.

In collaboration with
Claudia Schneider, architect
Retail, Heritage
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