Taking advantage of the state of alarm we are in – and to recover images of the outside world that we cannot step on (unless we have a dog) – we want to show a recently completed intervention that clarifies in plan “sesame street” what the precautionary measures are.

They are all those measures intended to cancel the risk of damage to people in a risky situation (in this case caused in a building), such as that generated by possible detachments of coatings and unstable elements and by problems of general stability.

The recent intervention in the Via Laietana 18 building, the Trade Unions building, consists of changing the precautionary measures already in place – but which had lost their protective function – pending the final restoration project of the facades and roofs.

A review has been made of the state of conservation of the façade walls below the protection visor and a removal of all the elements susceptible to detachment on public spaces, a review of the state of conservation of triple twisted metal mesh with replacement of a new textile mesh, the temporary waterproofing of the roof areas with leaks and the removal of structural elements affected by moisture on the roof floor.

What seemed to be an action without any interest becomes, by chance and due to the plasticity and urban situation of the building, the generation of a landscaping landmark halfway along the Via Laietana, in a moment of rethinking its urban role.

The protection mesh adapts like a lycra to the organic contours of the building, thanks to the fixings executed by climbers, perfectly ensuring its role. The openings that must be left accessible for firefighters are the subject of impeccable sewing work.

This adaptation to the regulatory and safety requirements that come with the interior use of the building is what separates us from the artistic proposals of Christo and Jeanne Claude.

And the green … asks to go a step further.

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