Lectures: Recovery of Historical Interiors

What would you do if one day you receive a call with the proposal of making a lecture titled “The Pavilion of Administration of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau: Interdesciplinary good vibes”? (Do not know about you, we accepted immediately …). In fact, there was an extraordinary experience to work in Administration’s Pavillion project with such an amazing professional team.

Maria Jose Gracia (restorative TdART) and Claudia Sanmartí (architect MATTERS), staged in 30 minutes a sample of the “operetta” representing the project process (from the competition until the completion of the works), a process that took place with the almost complete technical team from start to finish (which is not very usual…).
Lectures (7th-8th May) showed the wide range of cases and challenges related with interventions in historic interiors. The physical preservation of the spaces – and all the elements that compounds them – is not enough to guarantee the preservation of historical “environment”. The soul of the spaces (as well as their users) is a sensitive and elusive element.
Study cases showed different approachs to the projects, intended to zoom at the detail and making understandable the spaces to all type of visitors – without forgetting manging specificities: the housing 1/11 Bloc House Museum, Palau Guell, the main floor of the house Amatller, The house-atellier Oleguer Junyent, The Ricarda, the Fernando de Castro Foundation, Muñoz Ramonet House, the Cerralbo Foundation …


Pis-Museu Casa Bloc. Font: Museu del Disseny


Palau Güell_ PB. Font: Diputació de Barcelona

Casa Taller Oleguer Junyent. Font: Amics del MNAC

Casa Taller Oleguer Junyent. Font: Amics del MNAC

Holistic approaches, nothing can be left unattended.
The presence of different professional profiles enriched the conference, giving a unique opportunity to share experiences and critical reflections: historical spaces managers, owners, historians, industrialists, artisans, restorers, architects, ….

The conference concluded with two technical visits: the noble floor of the House of Sra.Núria Pla (led by Monica Piera – president of the AEM), and the historic site of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (guided MATTERS + TdART), visits allowed more depth reflection process, with no possibility of photographic manipulation of results, and total immersion in the atmosphere recovered.


Visit to the Administration’s Pavillion HSCSP_Font: Associació per l’Estudi del Moble


Conferences for the recovery of historical interiors
May 7-9th 2015 DHUB Barcelona
Associació per l’estudi del moble (AEM)














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