“substance / importance / circumstances”
“be important or significant”
“something that interests you because it is important or affects you”

The main activity of MATTERS is the intervention in the architectural heritage; Heritage understood as material and cultural legacy that has survived to the present day, and it becomes a collective good. We consider as heritage items listed buildings and conservation areas, as well as more traditional buildings that become the nearest and unprotected heritage, configurating the most genuine of the territory character.

Documentation and communication of cultural heritage is an essential part of our activity. The preservation of heritage elements depends mainly on their collective consideration . In this sense we participate in the realization of geometric surveying, documentation of restoration processes , preliminary works to define future interventions and content writing for publications and outreach materials aimed at specialized and general public.

The core team consists of:

  • Clàudia Sanmartí
    Clàudia SanmartíArchitect

    Architect by the ETSAB (2000), Postgraduate in Architectural Restoration: from structural analysis to intervention technologies , writing a Doctoral Thesis in progress, inside the Master “Construction Technology”, specialty restoration and rehabilitation.

  • Oriol Gili
    Oriol GiliArchitect

    Architect by the ETSAB (2002)- specialty Intervention in built heritage – focused on design and development of exhibition projects.

  • Gemma Serch
    Gemma SerchArchitect

    Architect by the ETSAB (2001) – specialty Intervention in built heritage – Postgraduate in Scientific Museology by the IDEC / UPF, focused in design and development  of exhibition projects.